Theater Basel × Kunsthalle Basel – Holiday Workshop

For all kids between the ages of 6 and 11 staying in Basel during the spring holidays, there was a whole week of cultural experiences and workshops at Theater Basel – and Kunsthalle Basel joined in for a day. On Wednesday, February 22, the exhibitions by LuYang and Iris Touliatou were explored in a performative workshop. Together we shredded secrets, produced sound for telephone answering machines, danced, and drew inspired by the exhibitions.

Theater Basel already visited Kunsthalle Basel during the 2022 spring and autumn vacation. During the holiday workshops, the children spent an entire day at Kunsthalle Basel and playfully learned about Pedro Wirz and Daniel Turner’s exhibitions. In the process, they explored and created worlds of sound themselves, sculpted patron saints out of clay, and discovered all kinds of animals.

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A collaboration between Theater Basel and Kunsthalle Basel.