Casting workshop inspired by the exhibition of Alia Farid

The monumental drinking vessels of Alia Farid’s exhibition In Lieu of What Is served as the starting point for the casting workshop. As an everyday drinking vessel, the PET bottle inspired the design experiments. Within the four-hour workshop, the participants dealt with the content of the exhibition and the material epoxy resin. The focus was on the delicate handling of the material and the ecologically problematic side of plastic. 13 participants had the opportunity to learn about the material’s advantages and possible application areas. At the same time, they were able to discuss the question: How sustainable is design? How sustainable must and can it be?

Under professional guidance, the participants cast their design objects to get to the bottom of Alia Farid’s work through their artistic exploration.

This event was organized in cooperation with Tamara Riedel, BETONIST.