Look Therapy – All Over Over All

Look Therapy – All Over Over All

Inspired by Maria Loboda’s exhibition Havoc in the Heavenly Kingdom at Kunsthalle Basel (24 February–14 May 2017), third-year students from the Institute of Fashion Design, Academy of Art and Design, FHNW in Basel, developed their own projects, which they positioned directly in front of Loboda’s artworks in the galleries under the title Look Therapy – All Over Over All.

Inspired by Lobada’s artworks as well as her way of working, the students’ contributions were presented in a spatially – expansive, performative way (together with the performers Djana Covic, Alex Murray-Leslie, Papiro and Priska Morger). Playing with the double meaning of “Look,” which can signify a directed gaze can allude to the creation and enactment of an overall appearance, the students’ specially developed contributions to the exhibition entice the viewer to observe more closely.

Taking a position vis-à-vis the performative and sketchy nature of Loboda’s design process, Look Therapy – All Over Over All addressed many aspects of inspiration across the creative fields of art and design.

Look Therapy – All Over Over All was presented on May 13th 2017 at Kunsthalle Basel.

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