Disability Rights Action Days – A journey through spaces

On Tuesday 21 May, Kunsthalle Basel and Stiftung Rheinleben offered a day of artistic encounters as part of Disability Rights Action Days.

The afternoon began with A journey through spaces 1 in the Foyer Public of Theater Basel with a joint creative workshop. The 14 participants, with and without psychological impairment, experienced the spaces of Theater Basel in a new way, looking for places of well-being and security, asking themselves what makes them special, how they sound and smell. The group then created scented candles associated with their own places of wellbeing.

A journey through spaces 2 offered a tour behind the scenes of Theater Basel. Both offered tours were fully booked and around 30 people took part in this popular voyage of discovery.

A journey through spaces 3 showed the film “GLEICH UND ANDERS – wenn die Psyche uns fordert” by Jürg Neuenschwander at the Stadtkino Basel, followed by a panel discussion. Around 70 people watched the film, in which people give a direct insight into the challenges they face at work.

The artistic events served to raise awareness of the issue of psychological impairment and emotional upheaval and marked the start of a long-term joint project with Stiftung Rheinleben: Several workshops are planned between May and December 2024. In December 2024, the results will be presented to the public at a festive event.

You can find further information on the workshops between May and December 2024 here.

For more information, please get in touch with the Art Mediation Team:

+41 (0)61 206 99 09

These events are a cooperation between Kunsthalle Basel, Stiftung Rheinleben, GLEICH UND ANDERS, Foyer Public Theater Basel, and Stadtkino Basel.