A playful puzzle book through the exhibition Environmental Hangover by Pedro Wirz

A playful puzzle booklet through the exhibition Environmental Hangover by Pedro Wirz

Artist Pedro Wirz has been inspired by many memories and experiences from his native Brazil and his travels through the Amazon. His artworks show the bright and beautiful sides of his experiences and the impact of humans on the environment. Using various playful tasks, children between the ages of 6 and 12 (older ones are, of course, also welcome at any time!) can explore the exhibition independently or with their parents using the puzzle booklet. In the process, they learn exciting facts about the materials the artist used, his inspiration, the rainforest, and natural phenomena. The focus is always on people and the environment.

The puzzle booklet can be obtained free of charge at the reception desk. We appreciate the sustainable use of the product and hope that each booklet will be a long-term enrichment for children and families.

The booklet is in German. If you need an English translation, please contact us before your visit.

If you need a specific run of puzzle booklets for a group, please feel free to contact us at:

Go here for a digital view of the puzzle booklet for a sneak preview!