Artist Talks

During the run-up to the Regionale exhibition, students from the Department of Art History at Basel University have the chance to brief themselves thoroughly on individual works appearing in the show. In conversation with the artists in front of a public audience, they subsequently discuss the specific ways in which the works have been made.

Artist Talks are part of the project Perspektive Kunstvermittlung.

Past Events:

Artist Talks in December 2018 during Regionale 19, A Tooth for an Eye, with the artists Simona Deflorin, Philipp Hänger, Simone Steinegger and Jeronim Horvat.

Artist Talks in December 2017 during Regionale 18, OOO Object Oriented Ontology, with the artists Andreas Berde, Christoph Dinges, Sara Gassmann, Daniel Karrer, Katrin Niedermeier and Jonas Studer.

Artist Talks in December 2016 during Regionale 17, Beyond the Real, with the artists Othmar Farré, Gregory Hari, Maude Léonard-Contant, and Deirdre O’Leary.

Artist Talks in December 2015 during Regionale 16, Jungs, hier kommt der Masterplan, with the artists Lotte Meret Effinger, Louise Guerra, Rodrigo Hernàndez, and Philipp Schwalb.