Online writing workshop with the poet Judith Keller

Inspiration around the house:

For her exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel, artist Lydia Ourahmane moved the entire contents of her apartment from Algeria to our galleries. The result—a strange intermingling of “home” with the “foreign” and “distant”—holds poetic potential. Most of us live with more or less similar objects, to which we generally pay little attention.

During her visit to the show, poet Judith Keller was inspired to design two short creative writing prompts. They inspire you to experience your own home with sharpened senses and generate poetic text fragments, word collections, even entire fantastic narratives.

Thank you for all the great submissions. This poem by Charlotte Haley impressed us the most. We wish you a lot of fun with our Kunsthalle Basel package!

Further contributions: A.Averkova , F.Schwägerl, S. Lüscher

For a little more poetry: list-poem by Judith Keller

The video was created in cooperation with Lyrix – Bundeswettbewerb für junge Lyrik and the poet Judith Keller.