Art Angles – An Augmented Reality App for the Exhibition Proto by Matthew Angelo Harrison

“Hello, you. Yes, I mean you. Come closer and move around me. You can look at me from all sides and angles.”

A voice invites you to look closely. This is how the experience begins—an experience all visitors can enjoy in Matthew Angelo Harrison’s exhibition Proto from first of August. Sounds, music, and images set different moods. Questions stimulate thoughts and associations. You are invited to continue the word chains.

From August until September young art enthusiasts shared their perspectives and personal thoughts on Proto via the augmented reality app Art Angles. Their voices led you from work to work in a thoughtful dialogue, providing interactive access to current art positions.

The augmented reality app Art Angles was designed by Studio Udvari/Karrer (Tibor Udvari and Philippe Karrer) in collaboration with the art education department of Kunsthalle Basel and participants in the art education project Blickwechsel.

Stay tuned: Blickwechsel changes out every year, and the next launch is in March 2022. Let us know if you want to contribute your voice!