Kamera Läuft – Film follows form follows form

In the short film project Kamera Läuft, three videos, inspired by works of Jonas Baumann, Andreas Frick, and Gerd Handschin, were developed by students of Design School Basel in conjunction with the Regionale 15 exhibition, – form follows form follows form (30.11.2014 – 25.01.2015)

Watch the videos

The process of devising the concept for the film starts with a general introduction to the major themes and categories of contemporary art. As part of this preparatory phase, participants also familiarize themselves with the different aspects of the film medium.

Participants visit the artists in their studios and follow them as they get ready for the show. They likewise gain insight, from the perspective of the Kunsthalle, into what goes into preparing an art exhibition in terms of content and organization.On the basis of their investigations and documentary observations, the students produce a screenplay, which is then turned into a film. The film runs at the Kunsthalle for the duration of the Regionale exhibition and is open to the public.

In cooperation with MedienFalle Basel. Conducted in German. 

If you are an educator and interested in taking part in this project with your class, please contact our Art Education team.

+41 (0)61 206 99 09