One Talks… and the Others Shut Up!

One Talks… took place at Kunsthalle Basel on Thursday 15.11.2018. Three people, each with their own, unexpected access to contemporary art, gave a twenty minute talk focusing on the inconspicuous, the unpopular, and the crooked. An exhibited artwork by Tania Pérez Córdova was the red thread of the evening. The speakers were confronted with it on short notice and reacted without preparation, without staging: what they told us was completely in the moment.

Pina Dolce, 50 years, painter
Lea Whinyates, 34 years, staff member Kunstbetrieb AG
Anna Bartl, 60 years, restorer

The talk was translated into sign language.

Realization: Oliver Roth
Concept: Martin Schick and Oliver Roth
Production: General Performance, Big Time Production, Wildwuchs Festival