Sound Guide to the exhibition Environmental Hangover by Pedro Wirz

In cooperation with the musicians and media artists, Michael Anklin and Lukas Huber and the artist Pedro Wirz, the art education team explore the artworks of the exhibition Environmental Hangover with 21 students of the 5th grade of the elementary school Sevogel. Playfully, the rooms are gradually discovered and experienced, materials are unraveled, and the inspiration behind the various objects is uncovered. On this journey through the rainforest, sounds and noises are constant companions. What do the rooms sound like? What sounds would the artworks make? And in what rhythm? Versatile sound experiments enliven the exhibition spaces and make the art resound. From mid-February, the results will be compiled into a Sound Guide that will be available to all visitors and offer an additional perspective on Pedro Wirz’s artworks.

On February 18, the project presentation took place. The students talked about their ideas and experiences and presented the sound pieces they had created. In the end, the class performed a musical performance together.

Raum 1 – Track 1 – a musical contribution by Dian, Ida, Rozerin

Raum 2 –Track 2 – a musical contribution by Adèle, Christopher, Emma, Felix, Moritz

Raum 3 – Track 3 – a musical contribution by Aidan, Dylan, Helena, Xavier

Raum 4 – Track 4 – a musical contribution by Ariadna, Fabio, Ioachim, Leandro

Raum 5 – Track 5 – a musical contribution by Ava, Domenico, Koki, Matteo, Pedro, Regula, Zita

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