Playlist – An auditory range of perspectives

An art educational project of Kunsthalle Basel in collaboration with Radio X for the exhibition Ultranackt by Raphaela Vogel (18.5. – 12.8.2018). This project is a chance for people of all walks of life to share audible their unique perspective with others about their experience with an artwork of their choice in the exhibition. Kunsthalle Basel wants to know more about point of view of our visitors and takes the opportunity to develop a collection of auditory thoughts helping other visitors look at contemporary art through a personal perspective and experience art works through different languages. Volunteer participants are invited to let their thoughts run free and confront themselves impartially with a selected artwork by the young German artist Raphaela Vogel in her solo show Ultranackt, comprised of sculptural installations, videos, and sound pieces. The resulting spontaneous and candid associations will be recorded and made accessible for further visitors as an auditory support through the exhibition. What starts with a group of 10 people, all based on different genders, backgrounds and ages and all located in the direct neighborhood of Kunsthalle Basel, grows during the exhibition with more and more participants contributing their thoughts.

On June 16, 4pm and as a replay on June 17, 10am the radio show about the project Playlist is on air at Radio X.

On June 20, free entrance to Kunsthalle Basel to participate at the art educational project Playlist and to record individual audio contributions. The art education team is present and pleased to answer further questions.