Playlist – An auditory range of perspectives

The art education project Playlist was run by Kunsthalle Basel in collaboration with Radio X, and focused on Raphaela Vogel’s exhibition Ultranackt (18.5. – 12.8.2018).

At Kunsthalle Basel we were keen to hear what our visitors think about art, and how they talk about works they come accross in our exhibitions. We therefore invited visitors to let their thoughts roam free as they engaged with German artist Raphaela Vogel’s exhibition Ultranackt , which included sculptural installations, videos, and sound pieces.

Perhaps also drawing on their own personal or professional experience, participants expressed their views on the selected artwork in any way they wished. Their impressions were made available to other Kunsthalle Basel visitors at an audio station in the foyer and contributed also to the museum’s website.

By sending Playlist – voice messages to Kunsthalle Basel, participants gave their consent to this publication and dissemination of their contributions at its own expense on the Kunsthalle Basel website and at the audio station in the foyer of the museum.

Listen to the broadcast of the project Playlist on Radio X here.

Generously supported by Scheidegger-Thommen-Stiftung.