Mal•Mal – Draw from a Live Model in the Current Exhibitions

The next live drawing session at Kunsthalle Basel will be on Wednesday, the 22. February!

Upcoming events:

Wednesday, the 22. March
Wednesday, the 19. April – Nude Model!
Wednesday, the 31. May
Wednesday, the 21. June

Do you feel like drawing? Kunsthalle Basel invites all passionate artists and art enthusiasts—beginner, professional, or anywhere in between—to grab paper and pencil and discover new shapes and lines in the current exhibitions.

Once a month, a live model will be moving among large sculptures, in front of delicate drawings and in the midst of impressive installations, encouraging new perspectives on the art. Explore how movement, the body, space, and objects can be captured in drawing and interact with like-minded people!

This project is a cooperation between the Mal•Mal collective, Kunsthalle Basel, and the Sommercasino.

Meetingpoint: Foyer Kunsthalle Basel

Free of charge, Drawing materials will be provided for those who do not bring their own.

We’re looking forward to receiving your registration at