Body Buddies

Virtual experiences and encounters with augmented reality at the Regionale 19 exhibition A Tooth for an Eye (

In the project Body Buddies, avatars of the participants were designed, and appeared to exhibition visitors on demand as virtual bodies. The avatars moved in the virtual space, which merged with the analog world, and showed their different, personal references to the exhibited works, reflecting on the body and corporeality. Body Buddies was presented on Sunday, December 9th 2018 at Kunsthalle Basel. Tablets with the virtual tour could be borrowed for free by visitors until the end of the exhibtion at the Kunsthalle Basel reception.

In collaboration with creative coder Sarah Buser.

Diyar, Lele, Joana, Gökhan, Fränzi und Rahel


Generously supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia