Druckstelle × Kunsthalle Basel

21 students from the Primarschule Gellert moved their classrooms to Kunsthalle Basel for four mornings. During this time, they engaged intensively with the exhibition Gift by Iris Touliatou. The life insurance policy taken out by the artist, printed oversized on the wall, was used as an opportunity to consider together which objects, people or animals they would insure themselves. The exhibition also encouraged the students to compose their own on-hold melody and to shred secrets in a performative exercise. A trip to the Druckstelle Basel rounded off the students’ engagement with the exhibition. There they experimented with flat printing. Using cyanotype or the printing press, the students’ favourite objects, which they had brought with them, were given a new image. At the end of the workshop, the resulting prints were safely stored in a folded envelope as a lasting memento of the workshop.

During their time at Kunsthalle Basel, the students had the opportunity to explore topics that are otherwise rarely discussed in everyday life and to express themselves creatively at the same time.

A Cooperation between the Primarschule Gellert and Druckstelle Basel.