Flee, you fools

Writers‘ workshop – Flee, you fools

For three days, secondary-school students from Theobald Baerwart engaged with the exhibition of the French sculptor Camille Blatrix. Using traditional techniques, Blatrix hand-creates elegant objects resembling machines from an unknown future—but these are strange machines, reluctant to reveal their function. Supported by the poet and literary mediator Alisha Stöcklin, the students expressed their encounters with the artworks in words and poems and presented them as a performative reading in the exhibition galleries.

In cooperation with the 17th International Poetry Festival Basel, the secondary school Theobald Baerwart and Lyrix – Deutscher Bundeswettbewerb für junge Lyrik.

Press clippings:
„Ein gutes Gedicht geht unter die Haut“: Diese junge Frau gestaltet das Lyrikfestival Basel mit, BZ (1/2020)