Basel Museums Night 2020

Every year in January, the Basel Museums Night takes place in several museums. Kunsthalle Basel develops an appropriate program for children and adults in relation to its current exhibitions.

Basel Museums Night 2020 at Kunsthalle Basel
Friday, 17.1.2020, 6 pm  2 am

Stone by Stone
Inspired by the works of French artist Camille Blatrix, a large stock of materials was waiting to get unpacked and creatively used by the visitors. In the workshop based in the exhibition room itself, visitors could design and build their own miniature sculptures. Both children and adults invented great and very imaginative objects, which were then exhibited and could be examined.

Gerome Johannes Gadient live
The Basel artist and musician filled the rooms of Kunsthalle Basel with his beguiling and captivating sound repertoire.

Neon bar
We served drinks and snacks in a neon-lit bar.

The next Basel Museums Night will take place on 21.01.2021.