Studio Animation – a film project with K’WERK

Young people between the ages of 12 and 16 spent a semester on the Animation course at K’WERK, working with Kunsthalle Basel’s art education department to create a short film and learn the essential digital image manipulation techniques. The exhibition Have You Checked the Children by Diego Marcon inspired their short movie just as an exceptional work that was not on show at Kunsthalle Basel: the soundtrack Toons Tunes. This soundtrack – an earlier work by Diego Marcon – served as the soundscape for the short film inspired by the surreal atmosphere of the exhibition, culminating in a dramatic narrative about the theft of intellectual property.

During the semester, the young people were not only trained in their technical skills but also dealt with the works of art in Diego Marcon’s exhibition, even receiving an exclusive guided tour from the artist himself, and worked as a collective to develop a stringent narrative thread for their production that integrates the unique skills of everyone.

The short film was presented as the highlight and conclusion of the collaboration on Museums Night 2024. It can be viewed again here at any time:

The Artists:
Alma, Rüzgar, Melik, Amirlan, Milenko, Stine, Nils, Arianna

The project was a collaboration between K’WERK, Diego Marcon, and the art education department of Kunsthalle Basel. We want to thank Simon Krebs and Anna Weber, head of the Studio Animation course at K’WERK, for this extraordinary collaboration.

The short film was presented at the Jugendfilmtagen 2024.