Audio guide to the exhibition “Davor, danach und alles dazwischen”

Audio guide to the exhibition Davor, danach und alles dazwischen at Kunsthalle Basel as part of the Regionale 24

Rarely do you get to hear an artist describe the artwork they have made in their own words. This audio guide aimed to change that. Eighteen of the artists from the group exhibition Davor, danach und alles dazwischen (Before, after, and everything in between) briefly presented their pieces in their own way and in their respective language of choice, either English, French, or German. The individual audio contributions were available free of charge at the reception of Kunsthalle Basel using a “stick” developed by dojo tech AG.

This art education project of Kunsthalle Basel is a cooperation with dojo tech AG and the participating artists. We want to thank everyone involved for their collaboration.

The Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne, the Beisheim Foundation, and the Canton of Basel-Stadt generously support the project.

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