Future Day for young girls

On Future Day, girls and boys switch sides and gain practical insights into professions and fields of work. Kunsthalle Basel invited young girls to spend a day at a cultural institution. In doing so, the institution was fulfilling its educational mission to open up perspectives for the next generation and show young girls a broad spectrum of possible career paths. From the technician to the curator – the participants experienced various occupational fields in one day. In the end, they had the opportunity to become a curator and director, just like Elena Filipovic (director of Kunsthalle Basel 2014-2024), and curate and present their exhibition inspired by the artworks on display.

In 2023, Kunsthalle Basel provided a closer look at the exhibitions by Phung-Tien Phan and Diego Marcon. After gaining an insight into individual professional fields, the girls created little artworks and collaborated to create a small-scale exhibition based entirely on their ideas.

In 2022, Kunsthalle Basel invited visitors to discover the professional fields within a cultural institution, taking a closer look at Daniel Turner’s exhibition Three Sites. In addition to an exchange with curator Elena Filipovic, the girls also got a first-hand look at individual professional fields at Kunsthalle Basel.

In 2021, Kunsthalle Basel invited young girls to learn about the institution and its professional fields, especially female leaders. In the exhibition by Michaela Eichwald Auf das Ganze achten und gegen die Tatsachen existieren, they explored the works and subsequently created their own visual worlds.

More information about the offer, registration, and National Future Day can be found here.