Pedro Wirz

Environmental Hangover

Pedro Wirz, from the studio, view f.l.t.r. on Coro de Princesa (Envira Preta), Coro de Princesa (Jarana), Coro de Princesa (Seringa), all 2021. Photo: Saskja Rosset

Pedro Wirz, from the studio, view on Bicho Abstrato (Tamanduá), 2021 (left) and Bicho Abstrato (Onça), 2021 (right). Photo: Saskja Rosset

Pedro Wirz, Sour Ground VII, 2020. Photo: Pedro Wirz. Courtesy of the artist and Kai Matsumiya Gallery, New York

Pedro Wirz, Soil’s Memory, 2020. Photo: Conradin Frei. Courtesy of the artist and Galerie PHLIPPZOLLINGER, Zurich

Pedro Wirz, view on Guard’águas (NORA), 2017, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo, 2017. Photo: Ricardo Miyada

Exhibition poster for Environmental Hangover by Pedro Wirz, Kunsthalle Basel, 2022. Design: Tola Łysakowska

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For his largest exhibition to date, Pedro Wirz (*1981) imagines an immersive installation, filled with sculptures drawn equally from organic matter and consumer culture. Together, they translate the Brazilian Swiss artist’s interest in cultural history, science, craft, and folklore into a commentary on our current environmental crisis that is as fantastical as it is sobering.

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