Cooking with the Artist – a culinary evening with Pedro Wirz and Richard Kägi

The artist Pedro Wirz and the food scout, cookbook author, and NZZ columnist Richard Kägi invited everyone to taste the exhibition Environmental Hangover together on April 27. After a short tour through the exhibition, an open kitchen awaited interested and hungry visitors at the workshop of Kunsthalle Basel and invited them on a culinary journey.

Artist Pedro Wirz shared classic Brazilian fare that even awakened childhood memories for some: a simple bean stew with rice (Feijão com Arroz), accompanied by a fresh tart salad (Vinagrete), and enhanced by the sweetness of bananas fried in cassava flour (Farofa de Banana), satisfied the hunger. Richard Kägi completed the menu with a Ceviche de Hamachi con Leche de Tigre Mezcal (with an additional vegetarian version without fish), bringing his personal touch and idea of Brazilian culinary flavors into play. A caipirinha bar served Drinks with fresh limes in summery temperatures.

In an informal atmosphere, the artworks and the themes around them could be discussed and analyzed, stimulating all senses. Pedro Wirz and Richard Kägi mingled among 80 guests, enabling a direct, immediate exchange around art, culinary arts, and sustainability.

We want to thank Bianchi for the delicious fish for the ceviche and Marinello for the wonderful fresh vegetables that were served that evening. Also, a big thank you goes to Richard Kägi and his culinary contribution and the artist Pedro Wirz himself, whose open-minded and hospitable personality made such an evening possible. It was magical!