We are Pling Plong

We are Pling Plong

A musical performance project with pupils from class 4b of Brunnmatt primary school accompanied Dora Budor’s exhibition I am Gong (24.5.-11.8.2019).

For her solo exhibition I am Gong, Dora Budor investigates the architectural history of Kunsthalle Basel and its surroundings in order to use sound, dust, and environmental data from dissonant temporalities to create an evolving sound installation for her exhibition.

Inspired by Budor’s concept, and accompanied by the musicians Ludovica Bizzarri, Chi Him Chik, and Lara Süss, pupils from Brunnmatt’s class 4b approached the exhibition musically. They devoted several weeks to explore how the artworks and their hidden backgrounds can become tangible and translate into sound.

The developed performative presentation was staged in the exhibition on Wednesday, 5.6.2019, at 6:30 pm.

Realisation Film/Video: Michèle Flury