General information on Kunsthalle Basel’s art mediation programs

Based on the thematic focus of each exhibition, Kunsthalle Basel develops a specific mediation offer for different interests and age groups. In addition to public and private tours for adults, children, and families, many participatory and discursive methods bring contemporary art closer to a young audience and allow personal access to the artistic works. The focus is on a lively discussion of current topics and on time for personal reflection and a link to one’s unique world. The questions arise: What does this have to do with me? How does this change my previous point of view?

Especially for school classes, the art education department offers projects over a more extended period to involve the students as intensively as possible in a complete exhibition process. They can create film projects, audio guides, individual hall texts, or other extensions to the show within such an intensive exchange. The results will reflect the personal thoughts and interpretations of the students and, if possible, are also accessible to all visitors at Kunsthalle Basel.

Another endeavor of our mediation work is the integration of people with disabilities. We regularly develop workshops based on their specific needs and look for ways to meet their needs better.

If you are interested, you can contact the art education department at any time:

+41 (0)61 206 99 09

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We appreciate any support for our outreach work and are happy to provide detailed information about future projects.

The art education program is generously supported by the ART MENTOR FOUNDATION LUCERNE and Abteilung Kultur Kanton Basel-Stadt.

The Beisheim Foundation generously supports projects for young people and intergenerational groups.