Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst - FHNW

Diplomausstellung 2012 “Trans~Form”

14 graduates from the Master of Fine Arts course at the Institute for Art, FHNW and another guest
student from HKB Bern exhibit together at Kunsthalle Basel.

Installations and site-specific interventions will be on show at Kunsthalle Basel next to film and video
works. You can also find photographic works that are in parts by-product, and to some extent the
result of complex theoretical argumentation. Scenic positions will be presented, contrary to those of
the traditional medium, as independent and contemporary works; both abstract and figurative. The
choice of media is as diverse as the theoretical backgrounds of the works. References to art history
are as topical as short-term political discussions or philosophical trains of thought.

The show distinguishes itself primarily by the variety of the individual, independent, artistic positions,
for which in principle no limits were set regarding the choice of media or artistic intentions. The
exhibition of the Master course shows that during the course fifteen entirely different, but self-contained and coherent artistic positions have developed.

Participating artists:
Gianin Conrad
Sibylle Hahner
Matthias Huber
Jung-Yeun Jang Schoch
Thomas Keller
Jan Kiefer
Kasia Klimpel
Simon Krebs
Karin Lehmann (HKB Bern)
Daniel Marti
Sebastian Mundwiler
Tiziana Pagano
Mimi von Moos
Myriam Werner
Lydia Wilhelm