Symposium Day 2 „Performing the Exhibition“ at Kunsthalle Basel

Under the title Performing the Exhibition on this second day of the symposium, various talks, lectures, and performances in English and German take place at Kunsthalle Basel with Mathieu Copeland, Elena Filipovic, Séverine Fromaigeat, Sabine Gebhardt Fink, Jérôme Leuba, Dominikus Müller, Lea Rüegg & Raphaela Grolimund, Ramaya Tegegne, Simona Travaglianti, Claudio Vogt, Hannah Weinberger, Johannes Willi, and Benedikt Wyss.


12 noon-1 pm Raphael Hefti, We are not one way trip to mars people, 2018, performance

12 noon-1 pm Florence Jung, Jung59, 2018, performance

1 pm Welcome by Elena Filipovic, in English

1:15 pm Mathieu Copeland, Choreographing Exhibitions, lecture, in English

2 pm Ramaya Tegegne, Version #17: Annie Sprinkle, 2018, performance*

2:30 pm Sabine Gebhardt Fink, Better with because of. Feminist and queer strategies in contemporary performance art, lecture, in English

3:15-3:45 pm Break

3:45 pm Simona Travaglianti, Relationen in Raum und Zeit: Wie performative Künste den Rahmen in Frage stellen, lecture, in German

4:30 pmThe Many Lives of the Live, panel discussion with Jérôme Leuba, Ramaya Tegegne, and Hannah Weinberger, moderated by Elena Filipovic, in English

5:15 pm Yyschtoo! Zeitgenössische Kunst an der Basler Fasnacht, panel discussion with Johannes Willi and Benedikt Wyss, moderated by Claudio Vogt, in German

6 pm Dominikus Müller, Verläufe. Performance und die Sprache der Verflüssigung, lecture, in German

6:30 pm Closing remarks by Elena Filipovic and Séverine Fromaigeat, in English

Followed by PerformanceProcess Night Out with food, drinks, and music at Kunsthalle Bar

Find more information about the first day of the symposium on Friday 26.1. at Museum Tinguely here.


The performance narrates the story of Annie Sprinkle, an American porn star, and sex-positive feminist. Her sexual evolution is explored through a series of burlesque-like autobiographical multi-media vignettes.

Version is a series of bootleg performances and the documentation related to it. Performance is here investigated as a learning process and a mean to reconvey discourses, stories, histories, meanings, moments and feelings. The original performance, its documentation, the new version of the performance, and again its documentation, are intertwined, distorted, re-used, republished.