New Swiss Performance Now: Lou Masduraud & Antoine Bellini

Lou Masduraud & Antoine Bellini, Coil interrior, 2017, (performance), Hard Hat, Geneva, 2017. Photo: Quentin Lannes

Active Substances is a project of the artist duo Lou Masduraud & Antoine Bellini thought as an experience of a situation, engaging sound experiences, collectively, social representation and positions regarding our modern lifestyle.

The performance consist of a live electronic concert thought as a situation experimenting social habits that reveal the demands of capitalism and how it affects our bodies. Different actives substances are delivered, with different effects on physiology; St. John’s wart – a natural anti-depressant, ginseng extracts – an energizing root, glasses of wine – popular de-inhibitor, Helichrysum – an everlasting (immortal) and powerful anti-aging flower.

The performance proposes to collectively experience a modern situation, based on the everyday experience of social representation and personal medicines we used to ingest in our daily lives to help our bodies to hold the world’s intensity.

There is something in the air.
We all breathe it without care.

Daily and over the whole duration of the exhibition Marta Margnetti presents her new work Dispositivo di protezione (protective device), 2018, and every Thursday to Sunday Jérôme Leuba presents battlefield #132. An overview of all performance times of the exhibition can be found here.