Finissage: Mystics (2012)

Kunsthalle Basel presents on the occasion of the exhibition S.S.O.R. by Adriana Lara:

MYSTICS (2012)

Paolo Thorsen-Nagel – electric guitar
in the exhibition
S.S.O.R. by Adriana Lara.

Paolo Thorsen-Nagel (*1985, Chicago, Illinois) is a German-American guitarist, composer and sound artist based in Basel. His work is informed by various styles and interests, ranging from jazz, contemporary classical, free improvisation to sound installations. In his solo projects Thorsen-Nagel focuses on the materiality of sound and the relationship of auditive space versus physical space.

Recent projects include his appearance as part of Alexandra Bachzetsis’ performance Etude at dOCUMENTA(13); his solo-project Mystics as a sound contribution to the France Fiction exhibition “Vinimos A Sonar” at Museo Experimental El Eco, Mexico City; a recording with experimental rock band Aie ca Gicle; and the debut album And On by the Paolo Thorsen-Nagel Projekt, to be released in march 2013, along with a limited edition of artist made LPs.

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