Film Screening on the occasion of the exhibition “S.S.O.R.” by Adriana Lara

On the occasion of the exhibition S.S.O.R. at Kunsthalle Basel, Adriana Lara has chosen two films for the screening at STADTKINO Basel. One of her own works ¡Qué bárbaro! (2012), will be followed by John Waters’ A Dirty Shame (2004):

„¡Qué bárbaro!“ (2012)
von Adriana Lara

The short film ¡Qué bárbaro! shows a woman laughing for 8 minutes. Although the protagonist is not a professional actress, she uses the well-known acting method, the so-called method acting, which actors use to at any time be able to trigger emotions, by the means of evoking memories of their own experiences and by using relaxation techniques.
Thus „real“ emotions mix with the initially false laughter, and an interplay of artificial and real emotions develops.
Adriana Lara shows her short film from 2008, in a re-cutted version.

Originale title: Ja Ja Ja (2008)
Short film by Adriana Lara
8 Min
DVD, colour

„A Dirty Shame“(2004)
by John Waters

In A Dirty Shame by John Waters the principle of the turning point plays an important role: Sylvia, a sexually frustrated housewife, after a car accident turns into a sex addict and shocks her conservative neighbours in suburban Baltimore, Maryland US with her uninhibited behavior. She quickly bonds with like-minded people and a power struggle develops between the immorals and the so-called “Neuters”, the genderless inhabitants.

Once again, in his usual, provocative, and comical way, John Waters, also known as the „Pope of trash“, with A Dirty Shame comments on and at the same time delivers a portrait of the alleged, uptight United States. Through his empire of sexual perversions, he creates an utopian opposite to the socially dominant norm.

John Waters, who made his mark as an independent filmmaker against the mainstream, already back in the 1970s, caused a lot of excitement in the world of film with films such as Pink Flamingos (1971), Polyester (1981) and Hairspray (1988). He pushes the boundaries of good taste and remains one of the most controversial filmmakers of our time.

Originale title: A Dirty Shame
Written and directed by John Waters
89 Min
DVD, colour , english with german subtitles, age rating: 16

The exhibition S.S.O.R. by Adriana Lara at Kunsthalle Basel will be on view until the 11th of November 2012.

Location: STADTKINO Basel, Klostergasse 5

Admission Fee: CHF 12.-/ Members of Basler Kunstvereins CHF 6.-

Please join us for drinks at the bar after the event.