Casting workshop inspired by the exhibition of Alia Farid, in German

The monumental drinking vessels in Alia Farid’s exhibition In Lieu of What Is take up the theme of water as the world’s most important resource. At the same time, the artist’s work also explores the design of water vessels and their significance for different cultural groups.

How did the various forms and uses of water vessels come about? What functions do the containers have? And what is the purpose of the respective design?

In a four-hour workshop, we will become designers ourselves and take a closer look at the material epoxy resin. The focus will be on a drinking vessel that is one of the most widespread in our culture: the PET bottle.

Participants will learn important information about the objects in the exhibition, get to grips with a related material that the artist also used for production, and cast an individualized design object under professional guidance.

Previous experience is not necessary; materials and different molds will be provided. Anyone who has an exciting object made of silicone at home that might be suitable as a casting mold is welcome to bring it along.

This event is organized in cooperation with Tamara Riedel, BETONIST.

For all from 16 years old
Costs: 15.- CHF for material expenses
Meeting point: Foyer Kunsthalle Basel