The function of the general assembly of association members which takes place at least once a year is to review and approve the annual report and the accounts, to elect the Kommission (association board) and to decide on any proposals advanced.

The association board consists of a maximum of 14 members out of whom one is a government representative. At least one third of the association board must be artists and at least another fifty percent must individuals attached to the arts and culture who are neither artists nor government representatives. The association board oversees the association’s activities.

The director is responsible for all artistic program and oversees administrative and technical operations of the institution. The program is regularly presented to the association board for approval.

The general assembly of association members elects an auditor commissioned to review the annual accounts on the basis of the association’s bookkeeping and receipts and to report on its findings to the general assembly of association members.

 Association Board

    • Martin Hatebur, President
    • Simon Demeuse, Vice President
    • François Gutzwiller, Treasurer
    • Katrin Grögel, Government Representative without voting rights
    • Cécile Hummel
    • Sophie Jung
    • Albertine Kopp
    • Dominik Müller
    • Edit Oderbolz
    • Lionel Schüpbach
    • Johannes Willi