photo: detail view of Sadie Benning’s exhibition Shared Eye, Kunsthalle Basel, 10.2. – 30.4.2017

The following foundations are connected with the Basler Kunstverein:

Patronagefonds für junge Schweizer Künstler

The foundation aims to support the education and development of young – under 40 years of age – Swiss artists, who show talent and ability for an artistic career in the fine arts. In exceptional cases support can also be granted to Swiss artists who are over 40, and at the beginning of their artistic career. The foundation, in special cases can also step in to cover or support projects financially, which are of direct benefit for Swiss artists of fine art. In this case, the foundation board has to secure a durable project-related control and voting right.

Requests: Applications must be submitted by post with motivation letters, curriculum vitae, portfolio and budget.
Submission deadline: January 31 for projects of the upcoming year (final school projects will not be supported).

Stiftung für Künstlerinnen und Künstler in Not

Original bylaws of the foundation: “The Foundation for Artists in Need supports local artists or their relatives in case of illness, old age, or involuntary unemployment. In the first instance, Basel citizens are considered, regardless of their place of residence; secondly, those who are Swiss citizens living in Basel; and exceptionally also foreign artists who have been long time residents of Basel.” («Die Stiftung für Künstlerinnen und Künstler in Not unterstützt hiesige Künstler oder ihre Angehörigen im Falle von Krankheit, Alter oder unverschuldeter Verdienstlosigkeit. In erster Linie sind zu berücksichtigen Basler Bürger, ohne Rücksicht auf ihren Wohnsitz; in zweiter Linie hier wohnende Schweizer Bürger, ausnahmsweise auch ausländische, seit längerer Zeit in Basel ansässige Künstler.»)

You can find more information about the Foundation for Artists in Need here.

Requests can be submitted to the secretariat of the Basler Kunstverein at any time.