Piotr Uklanski

Untitled (Kamikaze), 2004

The Mosaic „Untitled (Kamikaze)“, 2004 was built as a new extensive outer sculpture project to Piotr Uklanski’s show to the reopening of the Kunsthalle Basel in June 16th 2004. This work alludes to a Mosaic which Uklanski installed 1999 in the city centre of Warsaw in cooperation with the Foksal Gallery Foundation. This abstract Mosaic, added of broken porcelain and dishes, hinted ironically at national arranged decorative art works in the public sphere during the last decades. The work in Warsaw was covering three sides of a shopping centre in the inner city for three month. In Basel the artist also used the same material in different kinds and forms as in Warsaw which is ingested to cement. Dissimilar as in Warsaw the materials are not arranged in abstract patterns but they was forming a motive. This motive is as impressively ordinary as a sunrise but it is broken over the brittle material of the ceramic. At the same time the choice of material is a reference to the artist Julian Schnabel who had an solo exhibition in the whole house of the Kunsthalle in 1989 – alongside Piotr Uklanski.