Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt


Inka ter Haar, we come in pieces (3/3, tryptichon), 2020. Photo: Inka ter Haar

Dorian Sari, Mother of a Thousand Things, 2020
. Photo: Margot Montigny

Daniela Brugger, Mutual Aid, 2020

Instead of a public vernissage, we invite you to visit the exhibition on the opening day, Sunday, 25.10.2020, from 11 am – 5 pm.

The name A–PART was chosen to reflect this year’s Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt exhibition – things that bring us together and things that separate us. The works of eight recipients of Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt grants in 2019 will be displayed. They are at the same time apart and a part: they are part of a diverse and vibrant regional art scene, and yet they are also artists as individuals who have chosen their own individual approaches to aesthetics and the media. The A–PART exhibition examines this tension between proximity and distance: this year, our daily lives are dominated by the need to keep our distance and avoid closeness. Yet we are reminded time and again that closeness is still possible even when we are apart, and that distance is possible even when we are close. The artworks reflect this apparent contradiction at various levels, both in terms of content and form.

With Daniela Brugger, Gina Folly, Inka ter Haar, Silas Heizmann, Andreas Kalbermatter, Marie Matusz, Jan van Oordt and Dorian Sari.

Exhibition curated by Katharina Brandl