Annual Exhibition

Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt

Opening: 8.11.2015 at 11 am

Canton Basel-Stadt is committed to promoting a vibrant, high-quality art scene. As part of the canton’s support of independent creativity in the visual arts, Kunstkredit Basel-Stadt awards individual artists direct grants and purchases works for the cantonal art collection. This year’s Kunstkredit annual exhibition will showcase works by those artists whom the expert jury singled out either for a grant or for studio purchases over the course of 2014. Its presentation at Kunsthalle Basel parallel to the show of degree projects by senior-year students at the Art Institute, Academy of Art and Design, FHNW, assures the artists involved of an ideal platform for maximizing public awareness of their work.

Participating artists:

Manon Bellet
Markus Gadient
Florian Graf
Jan Kiefer
Sandra Knecht
Dominique Koch
Kilian Rüthemann
Hagar Schmidhalter
Stefan Wegmüller
Hannah Weinberger

curated by Samuel Leuenberger

Further information and details of the program of events will be posted on the Abteilung Kultur website