Joachim Bandau

Die Nichtschönen, Works 1967–1974

Joachim Bandau, Weißes Organgerät, 1970

Joachim Bandau, Ophelia, badewassergrün, 1967

Joachim Bandau, Der Tänzer, 1968

Joachim Bandau, Silbernes Monstrum, 1970/1971

Joachim Bandau, Georgische Tänzer, 1971

At once technoid and bodily, minimal and monstrous, often with spouts or hoses that resemble weirdly organic orifices and tentacles, the early sculptural works by Joachim Bandau (* 1936) remain as strange and singular today as when he first made them. An overview of the artist’s still relatively little-known sculptures and drawings from the period 1967 – 1974 will be on view.