Regionale 18

OOO Object Oriented Ontology

Poster for the Regionale-Exhibition, OOO Object Oriented Ontology, Kunsthalle Basel, 2017. Design: it’s mee, Basel. Based on an image by Christoph Dinges.

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Skurril und witzig, Die Oberbadische (01/2018)
Nur der Überbau raunt, Badische Zeitung (12/2017)
Kunsthalle Basel zeigt virtuelles Erlebnis im Ausstellungsraum
, Basellandschaftliche Zeitung (11/2017)
«Eskapistisch, aber voller Geschichten», Basler Zeitung (11/2017)
Regionale 18: Den Anfang machen wir in der Kunsthalle, (11/2017)

For this year’s Regionale-exhibition OOO Object Oriented Ontology, made in collaboration with CULTURESCAPESartist and architect Andreas Angelidakis guest curates a deliriously rich exhibition, including 46 participants, over 100 artworks, and a specially designed scenography that subjectively reflects on the diverse artistic practices of the tri-national region in and around Basel.

Could we imagine that a call for portfolios such as Regionale, is a kind of hyperobject? A cloud that spans three regions, but extends to people of born in the region of Basel but living on the farthest point on the planet. Unselected, unsubmitted or even unrealized artworks would complete the hyperobject that is the Regionale 18.
As we examine this Regionale hyperobject, bodies of work tagged as interesting begin to form another type of being. Suddenly “Interesting Painting Number 3” begins to resonate with “Surprising Sculpture Number 14”, and both appeared to be talking to “Perplexing Performance Number One.” Only object-oriented ontology, the study of relationships between objects, beyond the scope of humans, could begin to explain the object that we are seeing.

With Urs Aeschbach, Jonas Baumann, Andreas Berde, David Berweger, Alex Bleuler, Claudia Borowsky, Barbara Bugg, Klaus A. Burth, Urs Cavelti, Ghizlène Chajaï, Guillaume Cochet, Grégory Delauré, Daniele Dell’Eva, Dimension Émotionnelle, Christoph Dinges, Sara Gassmann, Yulia Goetsch, Laurent Guenat, Edith Hänggi, Tenki Hiramatsu, Yoshiya Hirayama, Kirti Ingerfurth, Daniel Karrer, Benjamin Lenz, Kris Markiewicz, Geneviève Morin, Hiroko Nagata, Franziska Neuenschwander, Katrin Niedermeier, Gerardo Nolasco-Rózsás, Tobias Nussbaumer, Eva Schick, Lisa Schittulli, Christian Schmuck, Henry Staschik, Jonas Studer, Paul Takács, Romain Tièche, Sara Ursina, Mathis Vass, Gina Weisskopf, Martin Wiese, Michel Winterberg, Paulo Wirz, Kerstin Wittenberg, and Franziska Wüsten.