Workshop “Never by yourself”

Rita Ponce de León (Peru, 1982, Artist)
Espartaco Martínez (Mexico, 1972, Butoh-Dancer)
Rodrigo Hernández (Mexico, 1983, Artist)

In context of the exhibition Endless openness produces circles by the Mexico-based artist Rita Ponce de León, Kunsthalle Basel is pleased to invite you to this two-day workshop.
Due different individual and group experiences that involve mind and body, the participants shall gain a sensitive, curious and relaxed state for creation.
Some of the exercises are related to Butoh, a form of Japanese dance theater, that uses the body as means of expression and seeks to experience body and space. Evolved in the mid of the last century Butoh is to be understood as a gesture of resistance against a certain American dance culture with focus on pure entertainment, but also against rigid Japanese dance traditions, with the aim of finding a contemporary Japanese form of expression. Espartaco Martínez will share his experiences as a Butoh-dancer with the participants and will guide them through the exercices.
Other activities will be reinterpretations of some surrealistic and dadaistic strategies, which Rodrigo Hernández has been recently studying.

The number of participants of the workshop is limited to 15 participants. The workshop is free of charge and dedicated to young people in the age of 17 to 25.
Deadline of registration is on March 6, 2014 (registration with postal adress by mail to Sanja Lukanovicor via +41 61 206 99 09). The registrations will be considered in the order that they arrived and you will receive a written confirmation per postal service after the deadline.