Talk and screening: Progress vs. Regress

Melanie Bonajo, artist from Amsterdam, in conversation with Philippe Karrer, editor of SPHERES Publication from Basel.
6.30 pm Talk and Swiss film premiere, follwed by drinks and snacks.
This event takes place in Kunsthalle Basel’s Motto Bookshop.

In their collaboration for SPHERES Publication* they uncovered how our ideas of identity, gender, value and such structures formed by conventions are ever shifting to feelings of uncertainty and instability. Since 2012 Bonajo and Karrer have collaborated on several projects. The recently finished film by Melanie Bonajo Progress vs Regress addresses how technical inventions change social relationships seen through the eyes of those almost a century older. the film investigates how the myth of technical progression affected and continues to affect attitudes towards labor, money, time and emotions. Are some feelings becoming extinct because of our obsession with material objects?

*The publication it’s self, Spheres functions as a creative documentation of a close collaboration between artists and the editor, graphic designer Philippe Karrer. Every issue is dedicated to a young artist and their work, in each case exploring character, surroundings, every-day life, inspirations and ideas using unconventional, innovative formats so as to create a more in-depth, more visual approach and understanding of the artist and her or his work.
More information can be found here.

Image: Melanie Bonajo, 2016