Symposium Day 1 “PerformanceProcess” at Museum Tinguely

Co-organized by Museum Tinguely and Kunsthalle Basel, in partnership with Centre culturel suisse Paris, the symposium takes place at the two venues January 26 and 27, 2018. An international gathering of historians of performance art, artists, curators, and other practitioners will discuss the theoretical, historical, and practical aspects of performance art and its legacies.

The symposium expands on the questions raised by the larger collaborative exhibition project PerformanceProcess regarding the role of the archive and documentation in relation to live art, the relationship of contemporary practices to the historic origins of performance, the ways in which different institutional contexts (museums, theaters, festivals, public spaces) have fostered distinct relationships to live arts, the relation of performance art to the traditions of dance, theater, the art object, and installation, and, last but certainly not least, Switzerland’s unique performance art history.

You can find the detailed program of PerformanceProcess here.