Screen printing workshop at Flâneur – The Stadtraum Festival Basel 2023

On September 07, 08, and 09, 2023, evenings, local businesses, stores, studios, and art institutions will come together at the Flâneur Festival 2023 in the Elisabethenstrasse to create a place of encounter, exchange, and creativity.

At Erlebnis Corner No. 28, Kunsthalle Basel invites all visitors to the Flâneur Festival to bring along T-shirts, cloth bags, or other textiles to give them a new shine. Inspired by the current exhibition Kartoffel by Phung-Tien Phan, the School of Design students have created new motifs that can be screen-printed onto bags, T-shirts, or shirts you bring along. In addition to the four motifs and Kunsthalle Basel logo, all other class results will be available as temporary tattoos.

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Flâneur is an initiative supported by StadtKonzeptBasel and jointly implemented with partners Basler Kantonalbank and IWB.
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