Public opening for the exhibition “Regionale 19”

Daniel Kurth, Self Portrait, 2017

Regionale brings together eighteen institutions from three countries (CH, D, F) presenting more than 200 artistic positions from the region of Basel and the trinational area (Northwestern Switzerland, South Baden, Alsace). The exhibition runs from November 24, 2018 to December 30, 2018 – please find more information here.

With Camille Brès, Mona Broschár, Simona Deflorin, Gerome Gadient, Hannah Gahlert, Axel Gouala, Philipp Hänger, Dominik His, Jeronim Horvat, Daniel Kurth, Kaspar Ludwig, Inès P. Kubler, Claudio Rasano, Dorian Sari, Simone Steinegger and Mirjam Walter.