Musical performance “We are Pling Plong” in the exhibition “I am Gong” by Dora Budor

On June 5, we invite you to the presentation of the developed musical performance within the framework of the project We are Pling Plong with pupils of class 4b of primary school Brunnmatt at the exhibition I am Gong of Dora Budor (May 24 – August 11, 2019).

Dora Budor uses sound, dust, and environmental data to create the evolving sound installation I am Gong. Inspired by Budor’s concept, and accompanied by the musicians Ludovica Bizzarri, Chi Him Chik, and Lara Süss, pupils from Brunnmatt’s class 4b are approaching the exhibition musically. They are devoting several weeks to exploring how the artworks and their hidden backgrounds can become tangible and translate into sound.