Short film premiere “real eyes – realize – real lies” at the Regionale 18 exhibition

In this year’s art education project Kamera Läuft, eleven young people will cinematically deal with the contents of the Regionale exhibition OOO Object Oriented Ontology. Based on selected artworks, the title real eyes – realize – real lies is used to create personal, experimental short films dealing with topics such as perception and reality. Therefore, a pictorial world full of hallucinogenic trips, magical transformations and obscure sceneries awaits you.

real eyes – realize – real lies celebrates its premiere at the Stadtkino Basel on Tuesday, 5.12.2017, at 6:30 pm. Afterwards, the exhibition OOO Object Oriented Ontology will be open to the visitors of the premiere.
Following the premiere, the short films will be shown in the Kunsthalle Basel’s foyer for the duration of the exhibition (6.12.2017-21.1.2018).

Here you can watch the trailer of real eyes – realize – real lies.

More information about the art education project Kamera Läuft, in cooperation with MedienFalle Basel and this year with Klinikschule KJPK / UPK, can be found here.