Performance: Transfiguro by Anita Bertolami

Kunsthalle Basel presents on the occasion of the exhibition by Paulina Olowska:

Transfiguro“ by Anita Bertolami

The exhibition Pavilionesque by Polish artist Paulina Olowska is an hommage to the rich and long history of puppet theatre. In her paintings, collages and ceramics the artist brings to mind different moments of this history, ranging from the travelling marionette theatres to Tadeusz Kantor’s actor puppets. Situated in the centre of the exhibition in the Oberlichtsaal is an accessible wooden pavilion that relates to the early travelling stages and, at the same time, can be used for contemporary performances.

On August 25th, the puppet player Anita Bertolami will use the pavilion as a stage and perform her piece „Transfiguro“. With her main prop consisting of her own body, Anita Bertolami creates a charming array of characters, carefully bringing them to life in front of the eyes of the audience. Every new personality takes on a life of its own: a cheeky figure made of hair performs vanishing tricks, surprising itself just as much as the audience; a small yet big-eyed lady bakes up a storm; and a belly feels inclined to prove its strength.

The play of Anita Bertolami and the accompanying music by Monika Ecker invite the audience into a non-verbal realm of the fantastic, which leads us to understand the fascination of Paulina Olowska for the puppet theatre.

Place: Kunsthalle Basel, Steinenberg 7
Entry: Included in the price of admission (CHF 10.-/6.-)