Performance by Geumhyung Jeong

At once weirdly sensual and ominous, the solo exhibition Homemade RC Toy by Geumhyung Jeong (* 1980) becomes the stage for her new performance, in which the South Korean artist and choreographer’s interactions with “homemade” robotic sculptures question the boundaries between the human and the machine, the controller and the controlled.

Performance times
Please note: Seating is limited, no reservations, and no admission after the performance has begun; please arrive on time.

Thurs, 6.6.2019, 7 pm
Sun, 9.6.2019, 2 pm
Mon, 10.6.2019, 2 pm
Tue, 11.6.2019, 2 pm
Wed, 12.6.2019, 2 pm
Fri, 14.6.2019, 7 pm
Sat, 15.6.2019, 7 pm
Sun, 16.6.2019, 7 pm
Sat, 10.8.2019, 2 pm
Sun, 11.8.2019, 2 pm