Opening: Insert III – Davide Cascio

After two INSERTS by Manuela Leinhoß and Swantje Hielscher the Swiss artist Davide Cascio (*1976, Lugano) presents a series of works on occasion of INSERT III in the frame of the show ROOMS LOOK BACK, which form a complex model of thinking. Using a simple wooden construction, the passage from one exhibition space into the other is transformed into a time machine, where two big letters questioning the utopia of modernity await the visitor at the end of the journey. Based on Le Corbusier’s Esprit Nouveau (EN) – magazine and name of the exhibition pavilion for the ‘Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs’ in Paris (1925, reconstructed in Bologna in 1977) – the artist scrutinizes architecture as ‘Living Units’ in its historical and social meaning. The motives Davide Cascio is combining in wallpaper, collage and sculpture refer to Minimal Art, geometrical forms found in nature and the alternative way of living by Thoreau (Walden, 1854). One could compare Cascios approach to that of a scientist working on a laboratory experiment: Existing structures are being thought over and their elements bound together and extended as long as new possible forms crystallize.

Following the opening, soups and drinks will be served at Stadtkino Basel at 8.30pm, followed by a film programme in the frame of the exhibition at 9pm: Programm

Insert III: Davide Cascio
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Image: Insert III: Davide Cascio, Installationsansicht Saal 2, Kunsthalle Basel. Photo: Serge Hasenboehler. © Kunsthalle Basel, 2008.