Opening: Insert I: Manuela Leinhoß

In the frame of the group show ROOMS LOOK BACK the German artist Manuela Leinhoß (*1973, Cologne) shows her sculptural works in Halls 2 and 3 of Kunsthalle Basel. The enigmatic objects range from formations reminiscent of furniture– referring to private space – stage-set-like structures or surrealistic architectural models. Leinhoß produces hollows, niches and passages in her sculptures through simple and delicate handmade materials. Each time the front and the back of the objects present an ambivalent side and the viewer constantly gains different perspective on the things. The works playfully allude to interiors and corporality. The objects remind us of bins, mirrors, drawers or other intimate utility objects. Robbed of a distinct function, they are autonomous, elegant objects that seem to describe the psychological states of well-being, but also of uneasiness in rooms.

Insert I: Manuela Leinhoß, 21.09.-05.10.2008
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Image: Insert I: Manuela Leinhoß, Installation view Room 2, Kunsthalle Basel. Photo: Serge Hasenboehler. © Kunsthalle Basel, 2008.