New Swiss Performance Now: Florian Graf – by appointment, Florence Jung

Florian Graf / FG Artists Service Group, Healer, performance, 2018. Courtesy the artist.

On this Saturday you can register for a free private audience and experience the therapeutic effect of art. The artist Florian Graf will personally assist you in his performance Healer with hand reading and laying on of hands for about 20 minutes. Register via email or by calling +41 61 206 99 17.

dates for Healer:
fully booked

Florence Jung’s work Jung59 takes place at the same time.

Daily and over the whole duration of the exhibition Marta Margnetti presents her new work Dispositivo di protezione (protective device), 2018, and every Thursday to Sunday Jérôme Leuba presents battlefield #132, 2018. An overview of all performance times of the exhibition can be found here.