New Swiss Performance Now: Balz Isler, PRICE (Mathias Ringgenberg), Florence Jung

Balz Isler, untold but seen, sketch, 2017

PRICE (Mathias Ringgenberg), Where Do You Wanna Go Today (Variations), performance, 2017. Photo: Senta Simond

Balz Isler shows a new lecture-performance entitled untold but seen followed by PRICE’s (Mathias Ringgenberg) newest version of his wildly costumed vocal extravaganza Where Do You Wanna Go Today (Variations). Florence Jung’s work Jung59 takes place at the same time as the above-mentioned performances.

performance times:

2.30 – 4.40 pm
Florence Jung, Jung59, 2018

2.30 – 3.15 pm
Balz Isler, untold but seen, 2018

3.30 – 4.40 pm
PRICE (Mathias Ringgenberg), Where Do You Wanna Go Today (Variations), 2017


PRICE is a hybrid fictional character born from the sea of information, who explores the emotional disorientation of a generation having grown up with mass culture, neoliberalism and the omnipresence of the internet. By probing the mechanisms of pop, PRICE’s musical stories evoke instability, fear, and romantic disillusion. Where Do You Wanna Go Today reinvents itself from clubs to art galleries, using these diverse contexts to affirm the frustration and solitude of a generation he considers to be down-and-out. At a time when storytelling has taken over the collective psyche, the artist’s sincere and ambiguous presence has testimonial value.

Concept and performer: PRICE (Mathias Ringgenberg) / Dramaturgy and character consulting: Mira Kandathil / Research movement: Ivan Blagajcevic / Vocal coach: Katarzyna Sitarz / Music: PRICE (Mathias Ringgenberg) / Music producer: Alban Schelbert, Modulaw / Costume: BARRAGÁN / Graphic design: Bart de Baets / Photography: Senta Simond / Co-production: Arsenic – Contemporary Performing Arts Center, Lausanne; STUK – House for Dance; Image & Sound, Leuven / Special thanks to Tanzhaus Zürich, Arsenic – Contemporary Performing Arts Center, Workspace Brussels, STUK – House for Dance, Image & Sound, Montevideo Marseille, and Mario Winkler Company GmbH. Kindly supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia; the City of Zurich; the Canton of Zurich and the Ernst Göhner Stiftung.

Daily and over the whole duration of the exhibition Marta Margnetti presents her new work Dispositivo di protezione (protective device), 2018, and every Thursday to Sunday Jérôme Leuba presents battlefield #132. An overview of all performance times of the exhibition can be found here.